Ofcom selects transmission mode for DVB-T2 multiplex

The communications regulator Ofcom has officially published its decision on the choice of the DVB-T2 transmission mode for Multiplex B.
The collection of parameters defined as transmission mode 7 in the UK DVB-T2 technical pilot will be used initially.
This mode allows a bit rate of 40 Mbps and will enable up to 5 HDTV services to be transmitted in a single multiplex.
Coverage must reach 98.5% of the population when fully deployed, but if this proves impossible to achieve, the bit rate will be reduced to 36 Mbps by using another mode. This will result in a consequently greater coverage area.
Recently Multiplex B was cleared of existing services, during a country wide retune, to enable DTT HDTV services to begin.
Source: Ofcom website
Item added: 12th October 2009