Ofcom opens consultation on renewal of Mux C and D licences

In 2002, Ofcom awarded licences under the Broadcasting Act 1996 (the 1996 Act and the BA Licences) for the operation of digital television multiplexes known as Multiplexes C and D to Arqiva Services Limited (Arqiva). Those licences are due to expire in November 2014 and Ofcom has received applications from Arqiva to renew the Licences for a further 12 year period.
Ofcom has opened a consultation on its proposals in relation to this application. Following consultation, Ofcom will set out its position which is subject to the consent of the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport before any renewal or refusal to renew may take effect.
Ofcom is accepting responses to its consultation until the 18th August 2011. After this date, it will formulate its final opinion based on the responses received.
The full proposal and consultation document can be found by clicking on the Ofcom source link.
Source: Ofcom website
Item added: 17th July 2011