Ofcom invites candidates to tender for MUX B capacity

Communications regulator Ofcom is inviting candidates to tender for licences on multiplex B, which is to be cleared of existing SD services so that it can host HD services using the DVB-T2 specification, together with MPEG-4, H.264 coding.
Ofcom are currently making two licences available for HD services with a third licence reserved for the BBC.
A fourth licence is expected to be offered at a later date.
Capacity on multiplex B will begin to become available from the 1st November 2009 as each region is switched to digital on a progressive basis. However Ofcom have also announced that it expects to find frequencies in some regions that might be used for the HD service ahead of planned switch over dates.
Multiplex B will ultimately offer 98.5% population coverage.
Only public service broadcasters can apply for the licenses. Applications must be received by 13 August.
Source: Ofcom website
Item added: 8th July 2008