of TV sets without DTT decoders ends

A law passed in 2007 means that any TV sets on sale in Italy from the 3rd April 2009 must have integrated DTT decoders. All models with integrated DTT decoders compatible for the reception of Italian free to air and Pay TV services must have a white DGTVi stamp.
By the 20th of May a partial switch over to digital TV will have taken place in Western Piedmont ( Turin and Cuneo) when the two national TV channels Rai Due and Rete 4 will only be available as DTT signals. The partial switchover continues in the regions of Lazio on the 16th June and Campania on the 10th September.
Viewers in Italy currently have access to 27 free to air channels on DTT plus additional pay TV channels compared with 9 analogue channels.
Source: advanced television.com
Item added: 7th April 2009