No plans for new DVB HBB standard, but door left open

The DVB is confident GEM-MHP remains the answer for the hybrid broadcast broadband (HBB) needs of its members despite the apparently growing strength of HbbTV in continental Europe and Canvas in the UK. Dr Peter Siebert, Executive Director at the DVB Project Office notes: âDVB has a hybrid solution and this is based on GEM-MHP and it is being deployed in Italy.â He hopes that the industry can unite around a common standard for HBB services but thinks this will be a challenge. 

Siebert does not rule out the possibility that member interest could lead to new HBB standards work within the DVB but he made it clear: âThere are no plans right now to develop a new standard. Of course there are always discussions within DVB about whether we should only have one solution. Up to now our members have been reluctant to have a second solution but that is a subject that is discussed.â

For more & source: VideoNet