No contract pre-paid DTT service

Pay-DTT service provider Lattelecom has launched a pre-pay DTT service known as priekšapmaksas televīziju. The new service allows viewers to watch pay-DTT content using a pre-paid DTT card without entering into a service contract.
To access the services users will have to first purchase a Start package which includes a set-top-box and a pre-paid card. The card provides one month of free service.
Lattelecom say that their network now covers 99% of Latvia and fully meets the demands of national coverage.
In total it is estimated that 50,000 households access DTT, 21,000 of which use Pay-DTT services.
Switch off starts on the 1st March when LTV7 ceases analogue transmission followed by LTV1 and LNT in the Riga region on the 1st April. Finally the ASO transition completes with the switch of LTV1 and LNT in the whole of the country on the 1st June.
Source: Lattelecom press release
Item added: 8th February 2010