Nine applicants for Multiplex Programme Content Manager

The Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) and the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural resources announced that they had received 9 applications for Multiplex Programme Content Manager (MPCM) by the 10th August.
The MPCM will be responsible for managing the content on its DTT Multiplex and at least three Multiplexes will be available for the trial.
The applicants were, BT Communications Ireland, Channel 6 Television, Chellomedia Services, Communicorp Group, Magnet Networks, RTÉ & Eircom, Sky Ireland, TVONE Broadband Media and USP Ireland.
A working group involving representatives of the department of communications, Marine and Natural Resources and the BCI will now process all the applications received. It is expected that a decision on the outcome of this process will be announced in October.
Source: BCI website
Item added: 15th August 2006