Nigeria Plateau State Subsidizes Set-Top Boxes

Digitalisation will now be faster in Nigeria. The Nigeria’s Plateau State Government has decided to subsidise the cost of set-top boxes (STBs). In doing so, the government is anticipating a hastening in the digitalisation process.

In Jos, one of the largest capital state of Nigeria, the digital switch over process has been conducted since the start of the month of May. Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and culture, is contented with the prowess of the switchover until now with around 200000 STBs being provided by the Federal Government to the townsmen, and that too, at no cost.

“On our part, we are taking this seriously and we have advised the Commissioner for Information to also start processing for the advantage of the citizenry here on the Plateau because even if they cannot afford (to acquire the boxes), we are preparing to subsidise for them”, said Lai Mohammed.

He also added that: “Given also the net benefit that the state will derive from this process, because part of the advantages of the digital switchover is interaction and the government can put on the platforms information and enlightenment programmes on its policies and programmes, we think it will also be in the interest of government to assist citizens to acquire these set-top boxes which will further help in deepening democracy and will further help in bringing governance nearer to the people”.

Source: NexTV News Africa & Middle East