New Multi-Tuner Sub-Brand Logos Available

Any company that wishes to use a DVB logo on a product that complies with DVB standards must register as a DVB Trademark Authorised User through the DVB Services website. In September 2010 all the DVB sub-brand logos were re-designed to have a uniform look and feel.

For the increasing number of multi-tuner devices and TV’s in the market, DVB has now also designed combined multi-tuner DVB logos such as DVB-T2/C2/S2, DVB-T/C, etc. This will allow a clearer marketing of DVB products and a more compact logo on products or packaging.

Finally, all the sub-brand logos are now also availalbe in negative format for use on black, grey or other dark backgrounds.

If your company is not already registered for the correct DVB logos, please do so today!