New IGLOO TV DVB-T2 Service in New Zealand

New Zealand’s first DVB-T2 platform, built by Kordia for the new IGLOO TV service, will go live in the coming months. 

Kordia owns and operates New Zealand’s third-largest telecommunications network and provides terrestrial transmission services for all the major television operators. The new DVB-T2 service for IGLOO TV will be delivered from 19 main sites across the country. Benefiting from the new features of T2, Kordia will use a single physical layer pipe (PLP) with modulation parameters that will provide comparable coverage to the existing DVB-T service. This new technology raises the data rate achievable in an 8-MHz channel from 26 Mb/s to 38 Mb/s, allowing IGLOO TV to operate 12 SD services within the bandwidth previously used by a single analog TV channel.


April 13, 2012