New entrants express interest in 800MHz, and 2600MHz

Slovak regulator TUSR announced that it has been approached by advisors of several applicants interested in entering the Slovak market. The interest is mainly in the 800 MHz band (digital dividend) and 2600 MHz band. An interest in the frequencies and the opportunity to become the fourth mobile operator in the country has been signalled by a big operator from Asia, operating on three continents, the representatives of which visited TUSR on the 4th August. Mobilmania reports that they represented Vietnamese company Viettel Corp. The operator is interested in entering the national market and gradually penetrating Europe. TUSR will assign frequencies via a tender. It organized a public consultation and a workshop on the topic. The frequencies in the 2600 MHz band are used by operators for MMDS until the end of the year, while the frequencies in the 800 MHz band were originally assigned for multiplex DVB-T. TUSR plans for frequencies in both bands to be in use by operators by 2012.
Source: Telecompaper
Item added: 14th August 2011