New entrant to the DVB-H scene in the USA

24 April 2006

Hiwire, a subsidiary of Aloha Partners, announced today at NAB 2006, that it will use DVB-H technology to launch a mobile TV trial in autumn of this year. Aloha Partners owns a large allotment of 700 MHz spectrum across the USA, consisting of 12 MHz across channels 54 and 59. Hiwire has partnered with SES Americom to provide a distribution network for the planned nationwide service.

Hirwire claims that its spectrum at 700 MHz will be more suited to providing a DVB-H network than that of its DVB-H competitor, Modeo, which owns nationwide spectrum at 1600 MHz. Scott Wills, president of Hiwire, said that his company will be able to offer in-building at a much lower network cost.

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