New DVB-T DTT service planned for Manila

A new digital terrestrial television service provider in the Philippines, All Asia Broadcast Systems Inc, plans to spend nearly Php100 million (US$2 million) to launch its service, reports the ABU in an item attributed to the Business Mirror published on its website.
All Asia Broadcast plans to start with four DVB-T transmitter sites in the National Capital Region.
Although the Philippines has traditionally adopted US technical standards in broadcasting, the company said it expected more broadcast companies in the Philippines to adopt the DVB-T standard because it addresses the multipath problems associated with reflections from varying terrains and manmade structures.
The company is waiting for the NTC to allocate frequencies which it expects will be between channels 21 and 51.
All Asia Broadcast also has a pending application to operate digital mobile TV using the DVB-H technical standard.
The first commercial DVB-H services began in the Philippines on the 24th July 2007
Main source: Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union
Item added: 2nd March 2009