New DVB Sub-Brand Logos

New! Re-designed DVB Sub-Brand Logos Now Available for DVB Products. 1 September 2010   For more than a decade providers of professional broadcast components and consumer electronics manufacturers have used the DVB registered trademark to indicate that their product complies with at least one DVB standard.   Over the years, the DVB family of open standards has grown, giving rise to specific logos relating to each standard. Today, there are 48 DVB sub-brands and in order to streamline the administration of these sub-brands a single logo design has been registered that can be repurposed to clearly indicate the individual sub-brands.   Now, starting September 1st 2010, the DVB Project is enabling the authorized use of its family of sub-brand logos, which can be used to specifically identify the DVB standard to which a product or service relates. Once a user has entered into a DVB Trademark Authorized User Agreement and paid a one-time administration fee of 100 Euros, they have the right to use the logos on their relevant products, packaging, brochures, advertising, website, etc. By entering into the agreement a vendor undertakes to ensure that any product bearing a DVB sub-brand logo complies with that specific DVB standard.   For further information and conditions on how to obtain and use the main DVB logos, please visit:   It is quick and easy to become an Authorized User of the DVB trademark and sub-brand logos.    Register today!