New DVB-H trial underway

A new DVB-H mobile trial is now underway in Sydney. The trial coordinated by the Australian Industry (Ai) Group’s Australian Digital Suppliers industry Forum (ADSIF) will explore the interoperability of current mobile DVB-H enabled phones by obtaining feedback from selected subscribers. The trial will also obtain data on the coverage provided by the trial transmission, which comprises of nine video streams in a 7 MHz UHF channel. The channel could host up to twenty streams in total.
Companies involved in the new six-week trial, which is licensed until the 28th February, include Optus, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, LG Electronics, Broadcast Australia and Australian Digital Testing.
The Government is expected to allocate one of the two planned 7 MHz ‘datacasting’ channels for mobile broadcast TV services in the future.
Source: Rapid TV News
Item added: 26th January 2009