New DTT services reaching financial equilibrium

The new broadcasters on the DTT platform have started to reach a financial equilibrium in 2009 and most will do so by 2010 according to DigiTAG.
Quoting the source as Le Figaro the news item goes on to say that already, two of the broadcasters, TMC and W9, have achieved profitability in 2009. Both had audience shares of 2.5%, while advertising revenues reached nearly €75 million and profits neared €25 million.
Other new broadcasters are also doing well. NT1 reached equilibrium with a revenue of approximately €35 million. NRJ increased its advertising revenue by 70% to reach just over €40 million. Direct 8 doubled its audience share in 2009 and had advertising revenues of €30 million. The children’s service Gulli made €30 million in advertising revenue.
Source: DigiTAG and Le Figaro
Item added: 25th January 2010