New DTT implementation data for Members

DVB Members can now access a database providing up-to-date information on the status of digital terrestrial television (DTT) implementation. The spreadsheet, updated regularly, carries information about DTT system choices, network status and content offerings, along with an overview of the broadcast market in each country.

While the new database includes information about countries throughout the world, it focuses in particular on ITU Region 1, which includes Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the CIS countries. The research is carried out on behalf of the DVB Project, Broadcast Networks Europe and the EBU as part of a wider project to support the implementation of DTT in countries where analogue services still dominate.

The spreadsheet includes the following sections:

  • General country information
  • Television distribution market overview
  • DTT milestones
  • DTT system choices
  • DTT content offer
  • DTT payTV offer
  • Satellite content offer
  • Actors and organizations

It is a living document, with new data added regularly and updates published monthly. DVB Members are welcome to contribute information to the editor – contact details are provided in the spreadsheet. 

DVB Members can access the table via the DVB Worldwide section of this website. (It is necessary to login to download the file, which is listed under Downloads.)