NCC drafts DTT transition proposals

The National Communications Commission is scheduled to submit two proposals to the Cabinet by April to help facilitate the switch from analogue to digital terrestrial TV services reports the Taipei Times.
One of the proposals is that the government would subsidise all viewing households to buy set-top boxes, while the other proposes that the government only provide a subsidy to low-income families.
Should the Cabinet opt for the first proposal, each household would receive a subsidy to buy one set-top box. If it chooses the second option, the government will subsidise the purchase, of the set-top boxes, cables and antennas.
Five TV networks offer digital broadcasting in Taiwan, Taiwan Television, China Television, Chinese Television Service, Formosa Television and the Public Television Service.
The commission also hopes that the government will consider providing high-definition TV services if it chooses the first proposal. The massive demand for set-top boxes will help lower the costs and make them more affordable.
The government hopes to phase out analogue signals by 2012.
Source: Taipei Times
Item added: 1st March 2010