National Technical Plan approved

On the 30th July 2005 the Spanish Cabinet approved the Decree for the National Technical Plan for digital television, (Televiso’n Digital Terrestre (TDT)),  which establishes the conditions for the transition to digital television and the structure of different networks, as well as the launch of a new analogue channel covering 70% of Spain.
According to the Ministry, the objective of the plan is to ensure a smooth transition to digital television and the switch off of  analogue services in 2010 as well as increasing the availablity of channels whilst ensuring provision for Independent Communities throughout Spain.
Antenna 3 TV, Telecino, and Canal + will be on a multiplex with complete coverage. RTVE will be allowed a multiplex containing four channels of programmes with regional variations as well as another SFN multiplex covering the whole of Spain.
The plan targets public coverage from RTVE as 80% of the population by December 31st 2005, 90% by 2008 and 98% at switch off in 2010.
Private operators also have the same targets although the coverage at switch off in 2010 is limited to 95%.
Item added: 8th August 2005
Source: Foro de la Television Digital