NAB Highlights: DVB-H, IPTV and the GEM Family

23 April 2006

At this year’s NAB, the DVB Pavilion is hosting a number of product and technology demonstrations related to the implementation of the world’s leading family of open technical standards for digital broadcasting that have already enabled the global deployment of over 120 million receivers.
Among the highlights are:
•    DVB-H – Guide to DVB-H @ NAB 2006 available from
•    IPTV – DVB is leading the way in standardisation efforts
•    MHP, GEM, OCAP and ACAP – the family of interactive standards for interactive broadcast services.

DVB specifications and other documentation are readily available at the DVB Pavilion (C836) and DVB experts are on hand to answer questions concerning all DVB specifications. The DVB Pavilion is hosting demonstrations provided by the following members of the DVB Project: Coding Technologies, DTS, ProTelevision Technologies, Strategy & Technology, TeamCast and UDcast.

Coding Technologies, a leading provider of audio compression technologies for the mobile, digital broadcasting and Internet markets worldwide, presents an IPTV set-top box using the aacPlus audio codec in combination with MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 video codecs. This demonstration includes stereo audio and video displays. In addition, Coding Technologies is showing a DVB-H receiver also using aacPlus, as specified in the DVB-CBMS specification annex B.

DTS, a pioneer in multi-channel audio, is showing its aacPlus / DTS transcoder solution for high efficiency broadcast and reproduction of multi-channel audio in the home.

ProTelevision Technologies is a leading supplier of advanced COFDM based modulators, demodulators and re-modulators and is demonstrating a live DVB-H SFN transmission.

Strategy & Technology, leaders in the supply of Object Carousel equipment for OCAP, ACAP and MHP, is showing a new low cost product for applications developers.  The self-contained unit has a built-in QAM or COFDM modulator and can support up to 4 users developing applications independently, playing out a complete transport stream containing a/v content, signalling and OCAP / DVB carousels. 

TeamCast is a supplier of products and services to the digital broadcasting world and is presenting its ModulCast OEM technology range for Mobile TV and demonstrating a live DVB-H transmission, using the MOD-2010 DVB-T/H modulator and the HiCast DVB-H receiver.

UDcast, a leading provider of solutions enabling full IP over broadcast media, is showcasing its DVB-H Encapsulator and its associated administration system, IPE Manager, which are essential elements in the delivery of mobile digital television over DVB-H.

DVB has issued three press releases in connection with NAB 2006. You can download them in the Press Release section of this site.