NAB 2005 – DVB-H On Air

With live demonstrations taking place on numerous booths throughout the LVCC, including three on the DVB Pavilion, NAB 2005 will be remembered as the show where the USA discovered DVB -H. A wide range of multinationals, including Microsoft, Crown Castle, Motorola and Nokia, have thrown their weight behind the standard which is on the verge of becoming the backbone for mobile television services worldwide.

The  DVB  Pavilion at NAB (SU11408) features three separate live DVB -H transmissions with equipment from TeamCast, SIDSA, ProTelevision and DiBcom. The programmes are being received on various devices including a PDA equipped with a receiving chip from DiBcom, a Nokia 7710, and the ShowCast media screen from TeamCast. Handsets are also receiving DVB-H transmissions on the booths of Microsoft and Thales.

For more information see this DVB Press Release.