: The first tender will grant the right to operate one DTT multiplex, MUX A, which will provide viewers access to free-to-air television services. This multiplex will broadcast the four television programme services currently on the analogue terrestrial platform, the regional services for the Azores and Madeira, and a fifth television programme service, in SDTV, and with a national scope, yet to be licensed. Any additional capacity that is available might be used to transmit the SDTV services in HDTV format.
The operation should provide national DTT coverage of both the mainland and the autonomous regions. Population coverage of, at least, 99% is expected to be reached within three years, although it will be possible for the service provider to use other television delivery platforms, such as satellite, to ensure that the full coverage requirement is met. However, a minimum DTT coverage of 85% of the population is expected.