More than 6.5 million on DTT

At the end of 2009 over 6.5 million people in more than 1,700 towns in Spain had completed the transition to DTT and according to the most recent data 85.4% of the Spanish population have access to digital TV.
The DTT market share is now 53.4% compared with 24.9% for analogue TV.
By the end of January 2010, 32% of the population (15 million) will have completed ASO and all of Spain will be digital by the 3rd April 2010.
The government has said that they will continue to accept requests for the DTT help scheme until the 3 April 2010. Viewers who can benefit from this aid include those aged 65 and over with certain health issues, those with hearing or sight impairment, and those aged 80 and over living either alone or with someone older.
Source: Government Digital Television website
Item added: 5th January 2010