More Local DVB-T in Saxony

The Saxon State Institute for Commercial broadcasting, SLM, has issued licences to broadcast local commercial DTT services in five more regions of Saxony. This follows the recent successful experiment with DTT local broadcasting in Leipzig.
The licences are for single multiplexes with the first being in Dresden, awarded to Bibel TV, Jay Jay TV as well as local channels, Dresden Eins, kanal 8-Dresden, kanal 8-Saxony and kanal 8-Immobilien, (a real estate channel) and the religious radio station Radio Horeb.
In Chemnitz, licenses have been issued to broadcast Sachsen Fernsehen Chemnitz, kanal 8-Saxony and kanal 8-Immobilien, Bibel TV and Radio Horeb.
In Zwickau broadcast services from TeleVision Zwickau, kanal 8-Saxony and kanal 8-Immobilien, Bibel TV and Radio Horeb will be available.
The towns of Plauen and Auebach will have access to services from Vogtland Regional Fernsehen and Bibel TV.
Finally in the city of Görlitz viewers will be able to access TV services from Euro-Regional TV and Bibel TV.
Source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 2nd November 2009