More DTT licences allocated

The Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting (RRTV) has allocated six DTT licences to commercial broadcasters. The licences have been awarded to Z1, TV Pohoda, Regionální televizni agentura (RTA), Febio TV, TV Barrandov and Óaka. Over 30 applicants with 40 projects had applied for the licences. Viewers will be able to access a news services (Z1), a regional service (RTA), a children’s service (TV Pohoda), a music service (Óaka) and two generalist services (Febio TV and TV Barrandov).
The DTT licence holders are expected to begin broadcasting services within the next 360 days and it is likely that services will begin by the end of the year. The licences are valid for a period of 12 years.
Multiplex B, operated by the Czech Digital Group, will run the services of Z1, TV Pohoda and RTA while Multiplex C, operated by Ceský Telecom, will run the services of Febio TV, TV Barrandov and Óaka.
Source: Digitag
Item added: 12th April 2006