Mobile TV in Singapore open for consultation

Singapore’s Media regulator, MDA, has said that it wishes to harmonise the rules for the delivery of Mobile TV across the various platforms including 3G and DVB-H. Both platforms will have to meet the existing broadcast content requirements and programming codes.
The comments have come as a result of the MDA’s recently opened public consultation on mobile TV, which is seeking input on its proposed regulatory framework.
Two companies have already expressed interest in the four mobile TV licences that will be on offer in Singapore. These are PGK Media, which wants to offer a 10-15 channel service, and Innoxious Technologies, which wants to provide 8 channels, targeted at 15-35 year olds.
The four mobile TV licences are planned to be assigned in the second half of 2008.
The consultation is open until the 4th January 2008.
Source: MDA website
Item added: 27th November 2007