Mobile TV business model differences

According to an article in Les Echos two different business models for the delivery of mobile TV are emerging in the French marketplace.
Whilst French broadcast media companies, including Lagardere, Bollore, NRJ, and BFM, want to offer free mobile TV channels, mobile network operators want to charge a monthly subscription of €5 to €15.
The report goes on to say that Bollore wants a “large proportion” of mobile TV channels to be free, France Television “favours a free model in principle” and manufacturer Sony wants free to view to be predominant.
Supporting Pay TV, Bouygues Telecom, a sister company of broadcaster TF1, is firmly in favour, whilst Orange warns that anything other than Pay TV would jeopardise investment.
CSA plan to launch the tender document for the new service in October.
Item added: 28th August 2007