Mobile trial, TV broadcasters seek joint front

Four of the five trial mobile TV broadcast licensees in Taiwan have suggested to the National Communications Commission (NCC) that they be allowed to work together or establish a joint venture to operate mobile TV services on an integrated radio frequency band of 12MHz, according to industry sources. All four are using DVB-H technology.
The NCC issued five mobile TV broadcasting licences on a trial basis in November 2006 and each was assigned a 6MHz band covering either northern Taiwan or southern Taiwan. Four of the broadcast licensees are using DVB-H. They are China Television (CTV), Public Television Service (PTS), Chinese Television System (CTS) and Chung-Hwa Wideband Best Network (Tw-Airnet).
Taiwan Television Enterprise (TTV) has adopted the Qualcomm-developed MediaFLO standard.
The four DVB-H licensees would like to set up a joint venture using a combined 12 MHz segment so that they can reduce their market risk and maximise the return on investment.
Item added: 15th April 2008