Mobile Operators want DVB-H

Michelle Bachelet, the President of Chile is reviewing the results of the country’s digital terrestrial television tests according to a report published on
According to the article Bachelet met with officials in the government committee tasked with reviewing the results of the trial, which looked at the three major DTT standards DVB-T, ATSC, and the Brazilian version of ISDB-T. A government spokesman said that the review would take as long as necessary to make a decision, which would affect the country for the next 40 to 50 years.
Regardless of the system choice Chile’s three cellular operators want to be allocated UHF frequencies for a DVB-H service even if ATSC or ISDB-T are chosen instead of DVB-T.
Before this can happen the Telecommunications laws will have to be changed and the Undersecretary of Telecommunications has said that the country plans to put up the available UHF channels for a bidding contest at a later date.
Item added: 11th August 2008