Mobile DVB-T on the Buses in Taiwan

On January the 19th, 2005 a new channel tailor-made for mobile reception was launched on bus services in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.
Kaohsiung joins other cities around the world who have also started mobile TV services such as Singapore, in 2001 and Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Mobile TV in 2002. Dimo TV, standing for “Digital Mobile Television” and broadcasts to 165 buses and 6 harbour ships. Dimo claims to be the pioneer of TV public service broadcasting to commuters with a service designed as a non-commercial and advertising-free channel to inform, educate and entertain passengers on public vehicles.

To cover the whole metropolitan area of Kaohsiung, PTS has used a 5kW main transmitter and a smaller filler site on the 85th floor of its Grand Formosa Koahsiung building.