Ministry denies that Chile has already decided on ATSC

Following press reports that Chile had chosen the US, ATSC system as its terrestrial digital TV standard, the Ministry of Transports and Telecommunications issued a categorical denial in a press release dated 27th November.
It went on to say that the process of deciding on which standard to choose is fully transparent. A technical seminar on the 25th October started the formal decision making process and a series of public hearings were begun to discuss the issues involved. These will be completed by December 15th. Technical system tests are also underway and until these activities are completed no decision will be made. The Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Pablo Bello said, “ the Government will make the final decision soon, but that they were still in heat of technical and financial analysis of the different systems”. He went on to add “that the decision on which system to adopt will be based on the one which allows the greatest flexibility from the point of view of the benefits, the technical attributes and smallest cost to Chileans”
Source: Press release “27th Nov.06 Ministerio de Transportes Y Telecomunicaciones”
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