MiniDig TV and MiniDig TV Extra signals improved

The Antenna Hungária Group recently received permission to increase the Effective Radiated Power (ERP) of some of its digital terrestrial television transmissions.
As a result of the licence change the ERP of the Vasvár-Hegyhátsál transmission site has increased by 50% improving both MiniDig TV services in the Vas and Zala counties.
Mutiplex A on channel 58 now has an ERP of 85.1kW while multiplex C on channel 68 now operates at 72.4kW.
The power level of the Száva street transmission site in Budapest has also been increased almost threefold after the completion of antenna work. The ERP for multiplex A on channel 55 is now 7.08kW and for multiplex C on channel 62 it is 6.76kW.
Sources: Antenna Hungária and Antenna Hungária
Item added: 14th August 2011