MHP-based Interactive Voting Trialled on Flemish Pop Idol

VTM, a commercial broadcaster in Belgium and a member of the Flanders Interactive Consortium, has successfully demonstrated an MHP-based application powering the voting on its interactive talent show Idool, their local version of Pop Idol.

According to informitv news, 500 votes were counted from the 300 set top boxes deployed on a cable network in the current trial. Using the red button on the remote control to activate the voting system, users were able to choose their preferred contestant and register a vote with the response carried over a cable return channel.

The Flanders Interactive consortium consists of VTM, VRT, SBS and Telenet and plans to roll out interactive digital services in Flanders next year.

The Idool application was built by Paratel and was based on MHP. It was built using freely available Java development tools. No proprietary authoring tools were used.