Meet DVB Team TM

It’s a very busy period for the DVB Technical Module (TM). With the recent completion of the Commercial Requirements for UHD-1 Phase 2, these now pass to the TM to specify the necessary technology to fulfill the Requirements. The UHD-1 Phase 2 work will focus on High Dynamic Range, Wider Color Gamut, Higher Frame Rates and Immersive Audio Coding.

The TM provides the necessary technical expertise that delivers the digital standards produced by DVB. It works in conjunction with the Commercial Module, which establishes the necessary Commercial Requirements to produce the DVB standards. It delivers specifications for one or more standards via the Steering Board to the recognized standards setting entities, notably the EBU/ETSI/CENELEC Joint Technical Committee.

Following the retirement of Nick Wells as Chair of the TM in September of last year, a new team has taken over the TM. Kevin Murray was elected his successor in October 2015. At the same time Muriel Deschanel, who served as Vice Chair of the TM for over three years, announced that she would be vacating the position. Then, following a ‘Call for Candidates’ in January, the TM has elected Alexander Adolf and Alberto Morello as Vice Chairs of the Module.

Kevin Murray joined the research group DMV In 1997 which later became part of NDS before its acquisition by Cisco. He is a System Architect in SPVSS (Service Provider Video Software and Solutions), actively engaged in a range of research and standards areas related to the television experience. In DVB, Kevin has served as Chair for both the DVB Technical Module’s Ad-Hoc Group on File Formats and TM-CSS (Companion Screen and Streams).

Alexander Adolf works as an independent consultant in digital broadcast technology through his company Condition-ALPHA and is the LG Electronics representative in DVB. As Chair of the TM-GBS working group, he was the editor of the DVB-GSE suite of specifications. He was also Chair the DVB TM-CI-Plus technical working group in the development of CI+ 2.0.

Dr. Alberto Morello is Director, Research and Technology Innovation Centre, RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana. Dr. Morello has been a member of a number of EBU, ITU-R and DVB groups and has participated in various European projects. He was Chair of the DVB Ad-Hoc groups which defined the technical specifications for the DVB-S, DVB-DSNG, DVB-S2 and S2X systems, and actively participated to the development of the T, T2, H, NGH specifications.