Mediaset and Telecom Italia plan new DTT services

Mediaset and Telecom Italia, have both announced plans to launch new services on the DTT platform and Mediaset new receiving equipments to make more use of it.
According to reports Mediaset plans to launch a DTT receiver that can combine the functionality of the Internet (over-the-top TV) and DTT. This receiver is planned for launch by the end of the year and will be completely independent from current telecom offerings.
In addition, Mediaset will launch an HD receiver for the reception of its Premium on Demand HD service on the DTT platform. The service is expected to be made available in July
Telecom Italia Media is planning to launch two new services on the DTT platform, MTV+ (a television programme service that will offer music and entertainment) and La7 (an on demand service that will offer catch-up television services using a broadband connection) Both services will be available by the end of May.
Item added: 10th May 2010