MediaCorp to start HDTV on its DTT platform

MediaCorp plans to launch an HDTV commercial channel in the last quarter of 2007 and be the first broadcaster in Southeast Asia to roll out an HDTV channel on a terrestrial platform.
Since June 2006, MediaCorp has conducted an HDTV trial where 1000 households, community clubs and retail outlets got to experience HD programmes such as CSI, Smallville as well as MediaCorp’s locally-produced productions and co-productions with China.
From the trials, about 50% of homes are already able to receive the HD signal.
Between now and the launch date (to be announced later), viewers who can receive the signal and have the requisite HD equipment will experience better clarity of programmes on the new HD channel – HD 5.
HD5 is a simulcast of Channel 5 with programmes enhanced for display on HD-Ready TV sets. In addition, viewers can look forward to some true HD content such as Hollywood movies and TV series (e.g. CSI) as well as local programmes(e.g. Lifeline) produced in HD.
MediaCorp plans to broadcast all its channels in High Definition by2012.
Source: MediaCorp
Item added: 16th July 2007