Major Milestone for Content Protection

Bluebook A094 consists of the first three elements of the CPCM specification: DVB-CPCM Reference Model, DVB-CPCM Usage State Information, and DVB-CPCM Abbreviations, Definitions and Terms. These three separate documents are combined in one publication for informational purposes and liaison with other interested standards forums. When completed the full DVB-CPCM specification will be submitted to ETSI for standardisation.

“The publication of these first essential elements of the DVB-CPCM specification is the culmination of five years of hard work” said Peter MacAvock, Executive Director of the DVB Project. “The broad support for this work across all of DVB’s diverse membership ensures that DVB-CPCM will be a central part of a harmonised approach to this complex topic. Our aim remains to facilitate access to content in a converging digital television landscape”.

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