Magnet Networks apply to operate Irish Digital Terrestrial Television service

Magnet Networks has submitted an application to the Broadcasting Commision of Ireland (BCI) to operate the state’s digital terrestrial television service.
Magnet Networks is submitting the application to operate as Multiplex Programme Content Manager during the trial of the Digital Terrestrial Television and it intention is to become a commercial operator of a national system.
The trial envisaged by Magnet would incorporate next generation TV services such as Video on Demand (VoD), Personal Video Recorder (PVR) technology and other broadband enabled added value applications for the consumer.
Magnet is in the middle of a €65 million deployment of a national IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) network.
Ireland’s Digital Terrestrial Television trial, which will run for two years, is due to begin on Friday 11th August and 1,000 participants will take part.  It marks a key milestone in meeting the European Commission’s target analogue switch-off date of 2012. 
Source: Finfact
Item added: 13th August 2006