Local DTT attracts viewers

According to Médiamétrie’s latest audience survey nearly 700,000 viewers are watching a local channel each day in France.
The survey looked at viewing figures for 18 channels such as Alsace 20, Normandie TV, Télénantes, Tébéo and TV SUD Montpellier. Two of the channels IDF1 and NRJ Paris are in the Paris region and 16 are based in other French regions.
The report covers the period from September 2010 to June 2011 and found that 694,000 people spend at least 36 minutes each day watching local DTT TV.
It was also found that 21.4 million people aged 15 and above can receive at least one DTT local channel on their TV set.
Source: Rapid TV News
Item added: 11th July 2011