Lithuania awards Digital Terrestrial TV Licences

The recent competition for DTV (DVB-T) licences attracted four participants.
On the 27th June 2005, two winners where announced.
One licence to create two national SFN networks was granted to the Lithuanian Radio and TV Centre and the second for two further SFN’s was awarded to Lithuanian telecom.
According to a government document “Resolution on Adoption of the Model of Switchover to Digital television in Lithuania”
dated 25th November 2004, DTT will be developed both in Band III and Bands IV & V.
No Less than 5 unencrypted (free of charge) programmes must be broadcast through all DTT networks, including 2 programmes of the public institution Lithuanian national Radio and Television.
The expansion of the TV networks will be done in stages starting in the biggest cities.
By the 30th June DTT transmitters capable of 20 TV programmes should be installed in Vilnius and then in five of the biggest cities with a capability of 16 programmes by the end of 2007.
At the beginning of 2009 at least one DTV network is intended to cover 95% of the population.
Switchover to a complete digital service must begin in 2012 on a regional basis but a final date for completion has not been announced.
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Item added: 4th July 2005