Lima DTV tests continue

The Ministry of Transport and Communication in Peru is continuing to progress the testing of the three major DTV systems DVB-T, ISDB-T and ATSC.
Transmissions are being provided by the TV station Andina de Radiodifusion (ATV) using a 1.8kW transmitter on channel 29, feeding a 16 bay antenna with a gain of approximately 17dB. The transmitter is set up to provide 1kW output and switching allows exciters for each of the three systems to be selected almost instantaneously.
In unrelated tests ATV plans to evaluate the DVB-H system, which is specifically designed to provide mobile TV signal to handheld devices such as mobile phones.
The tests are expected to use a 300W transmitter, feeding a more directional 6 bay antenna to cover a part of the city of Lima.
Source: Local correspondent
Item added: 17th December 2007