Large scale DVB-H trial in 2008

The Office of Electronic Communications for the Republic of Poland (UKE) is inviting all interested parties to participate in common mobile tests using the DVB-H standard.
Already the UKE has issued 11 radio licences for trials of this type, but recognises that with the EC having announced its preference for DVB-H, the tests have become more important. By the time of Poland’s hosting of the European football Championships in 2012 (with the Ukraine) there will be an estimated 500million users of mobile TV across the world.
In order to ensure equal treatment, the President of UKE invites all interested parties, especially the operators of transmission networks (mobile, broadcasting, access and others), hardware manufacturers and content creators (including broadcasters) to participate in common mobile TV tests in the DVB-H standard.
The President of UKE, in cooperation with the industry, will lay down the rules for common tests and for the participation of particular groups of interested parties according to their competence.
Source: UKE website
Item added: 20th November 2007