Israel to have 3 DTT multiplexes

Regular DTT transmissions began in the North and Eilat regions on the 2nd of August 2009 on channel 26 and in central Israel on channel 29. 13 transmitters were used.
Israel now has a single multiplex with 5 channels, IBA 1, IBA 33, Channel 2, Channel 10 and the Knessest channel. A second multiplex will be added by the end of 2011 with an HD services and a third multiplex is planned for 2012.
The free-to-air DTT service is known as IDAN Plus and its aggregation and distribution is under the responsibility of the Radio and Television Authority. BEZEQ Telecom looks after and runs the engineering and technical aspects of the service.
The DTT platform uses MPEG-4 AVC for video and AAC-HE v.2 for audio. All DTT receivers sold are HD-compatible
Source: Go Digital website
Item added: 21st March 2011