ISDB-T decision challenged

Although the decision by Brazil to adopt the Japanese ISDB-T system (albeit modified with a Brazilian flavour) was announced at the end of June it seems that there is still disquiet in Brazil over the reasons given for its choice.
According to Brasilnews, the Federal Public Ministry for Mines yesterday filed a suit (20a) with the Federal Justice authorities in Belo Horizonte asking for action to make the decree to adopt the ISDB-T system null and void or at least six articles in it.
One of the main areas of challenge is given as the lack of reasons provided to justify ISDB-T’s adoption over the other system choices.
It also states that the Japanese decoders will be more expensive because other countries have not adopted their system and the economies of scale provided by the choice of other systems will not be possible with ISDB-T.The availability or usefulness of its interactive services and how they will help the public with social and educational functions is also queried.
Item added: 22nd August 2006