ISDB-T choice declared ‘unconstitutional” and STB sales slow

Brazil’s General Prosecuting Office (Procuraduria General) has declared that the official decree to establish ISDB-T in the country was unconstitutional. The Procuraduria General is said to have produced strong criticism of the federal governments decision eighteen months ago reports NexTVLatam.
The criticism is also expected to make other Latin American countries considering adopting the same system reconsider.
In a separate report the Minister of Communications has also said that the sales of Set Top Boxes (STB) are moving very slowly, with only approximately 250,000 sold since the 2007 introduction of Digital TV in Brazil using ISDB-T.
The price of ISDB-T STB’s has been high in contrast to those in DVB-T countries where economies of scale have made unit prices as low as USD 32. Recently the prices of some ISDB-T boxes have been reduced by the government to USD 98.2 to stimulate demand but this is still said to be too expensive for most of the population.
Main source: NexTVLatam
Item added: 24th July 2009