IRT transmits DVB-T2 test signal

The German technical institute of the public broadcaster, IRT has been transmitting
a standards compliant DVB-T2 test signal on UHF channel 43 since early December.
The effective radiated power (ERP) of the transmission is 1kW and the signals are being transmitted from the Freimann area of North East of Munich and cover a 5 km radius from the site.
The test transmissions are being used to examine the mobility, robustness and data rate management of the system as well as to determine practicable parameter settings for coverage in both indoor and outdoor situations.
The current modulation is 256 QAM, the guard interval is 1/128 at a code rate of 5/6 and an 8k FFT.
Source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 14th December 2009