Internet TV questionnaire – reply deadline extended until July 3, 2009

25 May 2009

The DVB Project recently initiated a study mission on Internet TV Content Delivery to investigate technology options to deliver DVB-type content over the Internet to a large number of CE devices (including game consoles), PCs or mobile devices. The study mission focuses on content delivery, but other functions such as codecs, security, or metadata are also considered.

The study mission aims to gather information from subject matter experts in the field of Internet Content Delivery to ensure a wide and comprehensive consideration of technology options and the most accurate evaluation against some high-level evaluation criteria. To address these objectives, the study mission starts with a questionnaire to collect information on existing technologies in the respective area. This questionnaire serves to collect information on technologies, services and solutions in the scope of Internet TV content delivery.

The questionnaire is open to many types of Internet TV Content Delivery technologies and DVB encourages the submission of descriptions and background material of solutions and technologies within this effort. Some guidelines on technologies and solutions in the scope of this questionnaire are provided further below. DVB members and non-DVB members alike are encouraged to respond to the questionnaire. The questionnaire does not intend to select any of the submitted technologies during the study mission, but is looking for background and deployment experience in generic Internet TV content delivery solutions. Based on the results of the questionnaire, DVB may or may not standardise a suitable Internet TV technology for CE devices.