Interference to DTT from close LTE transmissions

An LTE trial near Laval has shown interference problems between the LTE services and the DTT platform. The tests were carried out using simulated LTE services in the “Digital Dividend” frequencies soon to be auctioned to other users. Some problems can be overcome by installing filters but there is no requirement at the moment for “Digital Dividend” services to pay for them.
In some cases the interference from LTE services caused households to “lose” their television services. Television services broadcasting near the frequency channels used by the LTE services are the most affected. It is not clear how many households would suffer from interference.
The LTE trial was made by the telecom operators Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom together with the broadcast network operator TDF.
The French government has already planned to auction these frequencies and expects to receive Euro 2 billion from the sale.
The tender will be launched in April with submissions between May and July followed by licences awarded in September.
The Ministry of Industry, ANFR and the CSA will examine the results of the trial, which will not only be relevant to France but also to the many other countries that are also counting on monies generated from the sale of their own “Digital Dividends”.
Sweden is reported to have included a provision in its sale to protect television reception whilst the UK has started a one-year trial on the subject which will end in 2012.
Main source: Le Figaro
Item added: 28th March 2012