HTV Launches HDTV Test Transmission on Cable

21 June 2004

Finland’s largest cable operator HTV (Helsinki Television) has launched HDTV test transmission in their network in the capital region, as one of the first European cable operators.

HTV launched the HDTV test distribution on June 8, 2004, being among the first European cable operators to introduce HDTV in their network. HTV’s network has approximately 270,000 connected households. The trial is based on the demo programmes of the European HDTV channel Euro 1080. The signal is available to all homes throughout the network, and the demo programme can also be watched by consumers in HTV’s shops in Helsinki area.

There is a limited availability of commercial HDTV set-top boxes on the European market currently, but HTV is still planning to start commercial distribution of HDTV services in 2004. The offering will be based on Pay TV and Basic concepts.

HTV believes strongly in the success of high definition television. HDTV will be a very attractive consumer service, with a significant role in differing cable TV from other delivery systems. HTV’s HDTV test distribution marks the continuing of HTV’s pioneer role in European cable TV field.

More information:
Riitta Luhtala, Information Manager, HTV