HDTV trial over Terrestrial Digital TV has begun

The joint BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel Five HDTV trial over DTT has begun.
The BBC will be a simulcast   its new HD channel, which is also available on satellite and cable, whilst ITV will broadcast its World Cup games, selected dramas and classic films in HD. Channel 4 plans to offer US imports such as   Lost and Desperate Housewives plus movies from FilmFour.
Five will air CSI and original programmes such as Tim Marlow at MOMA and movies such as Cocktail .
The trial, to a closed audience of 450 homes in range of the Crystal Palace transmitter in London, will last for six months and the feedback from triallists, all provided with special HD DTT set-top boxes, will help determine whether to go forward with HD services and how to roll them out on the DTT platform in the future.
Source: Digital Spy
Item added: 12th June 2006